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LP Continental's Ceratosaurus

Hips & elbows clear
Competed in the highest obedience class ( Elit ).
He was also a very good working dog.


Owner: Kennel Stridsmarken


Continental's Diplodocus

Hips clear ( eyes not tested )



Owner: A. Ekblom


Continental's Triceratops

Character assessed
Hips clear


Owner: K-O. Johansson


Continental's Proctoceratops

Hips clear

Proctoceratops won CK ( champion quality ) under breedspecialist Denis Descamps at the swedish specialty ( AfBv ) in Kymlinge

Owner: K. Häll


Continental's Iguanodon

Hips clear
Character assessed


Owner: K. Häll


Continental's Hypsilophodon



Owner: J.Grimgarn


KORAD Continental's Roccosaurus

Hips clear
Roccosaurus has coped the advanced mental test Korning and he has won CK ( champion quality ) at shows.

Owner: M. Sellén


Picture not available
at the moment.

Continental's Brachiosaurus




Owner: M.Nyberg