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LP Continental's Eclipse

Hips & eyes clear
Competed in obedience class II


Owner: M. Björklund


Pictured with his owners
Evelyn & Anders.

Continental's Exterminator




Owner: E & A. Severin


Continental's Eucalyptus

Hips & eyes clear



Owner: P.Allwood


Continental's Egyptian

Hips clear



Owner: Juntegen-Bäck


Continental's Escaper




Owner: B-M. Åberg


Continental's Eurythmic

Hips & eyes clear



Owner: F. Arrhén


Pictured at the age of 5 months

Continental's Explosion

Hips & eyes clear



Owner: Sjökvist-Olsson



Continental's Enthusiast

Enthusiast worked as a reindeer shepherd
together with his owners who were Laplanders.


Owner: U. Nutti