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Tjh Continental's Fuzzy

Hips & eyes clear

Fuzzy coped the mental test for swedish police dogs.
Then he became a guard dog and working partner with his mistress Annelie Johansson.
They also competed in obedience and working trials

Owner: Kennel Thunderwolfs


LP Continental's Finesse

Hips & eyes clear
Character assessed
Finesse did both working trials and obedience, in which she competed in the highest class ( Elit )

Finesse became the first broodbitch at Kennel Belgian Joy. Together with our import NUCH Delark Paco Rabanne, she produced KORAD LP SLCH Belgian Joy Annie get your gun and her littermates.

She has won champion quality ( CK )

Owner: Kennel Belgian Joy


LP Continental's Freak

Hips & eyes clear
Freak competed in obedience


Owner: Orrhede-Olsson


 Continental's Fire

Hips & eyes clear
Fire was not shown often, but he still gained champion quality ( CK )


Owner: T. Thornander


 Continental's Flipper

Hips & eyes clear
Character assessed

Flipper attended at many shows and won a lot. Amongst his wins you will find CC:s, Res. CACIB and best of breed.
He also competed in obedience

Owner: C & L. Nilsson


 Continental's Frosty

Hips & eyes clear
Frosty competed in obedience


Owner: Högberg-Holm


Pictured with his owner Mauri Renko at the age of 8 months.

 Continental's Fighter

Hips clear
Fighter has passed the advanced character
test Korning.


Owner: Nilsson-Renko