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Continental's Raindrops from Roxie

Hips A/A and elbows free 0/0

Raindrops was shown under judge
Dirk Spruyt from Holland
at the
Danish specialty
on Fyn on November 10, 2007. This was her very first show and Raindrops was awarded BEST OF BREED puppy and
BEST IN SHOW puppy !
On Raindrops second show ever, she was appointed best youngster with HP + CK under breedspecialist Willemine van Deijl from Holland at the Danish specialty in Silkeborg on april 5, 2008. What a wonderful start in Raindrops showcareer...Many proud congratulations to Kit & Erik !
On the Danish specialty on Fyn June 7, 2008 Raindrops was awarded BEST IN SHOW-Junior under breed specialist Mme. Beenen Sluyters from Holland. This was Raindrops 3:rd show ever !
Totally out of coat Raindrops managed to win second best bitch with CK at the Danish specialty on Själland/ St. Heddinge on August 3, 2008 under breed specialist Mme Marie F. Varlet from France.
Raindrops from Roxie was appointed 6:th best show dog in Denmark 2008 by the Belgian Shepherd breedclub SBH.

At the international dog show in Herning Denmark on November 7, 2009 Raindrops from Roxie won her first CACIB and was placed second best bitch  with Exc by judge Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden.

Raindrops from Roxie was shown in Leirfjord Norway at Ytre Helgeland hundeklub on June 29, 2013. Judge Frank Christiansen placed her Excellent and 2:ond best female.

On July 7, 2013 Raindrops was presented at NKK:s dog show in Trondheim Norway under judge Gunilla Skallman. Again she was placed Excellent and 2:ond best female ! Very NICE results !

November 11, 2010 Kit and her Raindrops from Roxie ” Guiness ” achieved a 2:ond place totally at the homeclub championships in rally obedience. They reached 92 points out of 100. VERY NICE WORK Kit and Guiness – Lot´s of warm CONGRATULATIONS to our Danish girls !





















Owner: K & E. Breukelman





































Continental's Amazingflame by Roxie

Hips A/A, elbows free 0/0 and eyes clear -08

Amazingflame by Roxie passed her MH-test on september 20, 2008 at Tollarps Bk and got no: 1 on shooting.

Amazingflame by Roxie“ Aska “  passed the Swedish mental test ( KORNING ) with extremely high points ( 509 points ) at Lomma Bk on September 5, 2010. We are so very, very proud of you and this wonderful fine result
 Many HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to both Heidi and Aska !!!

Heidi and her Amazingflame by Roxie " Aska " were moved up to obedience class II on their very first competition on april 12, 2009. They recieved 168,5 points and a 4:th place totally
in Rinkaby. Excellent work girls !

On May 8, 2009 Heidi and her " Aska " recieved another 1:st prize in obedience class I with 165,5 points at Kristianstads Bk. This time they got a 4:th place totally.

At their third competition ever on June 12, 2009 the diligent girls got their LPI with 172 points and a 2:ond place totally. WONDERFUL ! Lot´s of proud CONGRATULATIONS !

On March 22, 2012 Heidi and her Aska competed obedience class II at Åhus Bk and reached 177 points and were ” moved up to the next level obedience class III. Excellent job girls – Many congratulations !

Heidi and Aska did their second competition in obedience class II on May 27 at Söderåsens Bk. They WON AGAIN this time with 167,5 points
and a “ move up “ to the next level.

On October 6, 2012 “Aska” and Heidi did a wonderful job in obedience class 2 at Höör Bk
were they got 178 points and a 1:st place totally. They also received their new title LP 2. 
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to this excellent team !

Heidi and her Aska got a flying start in rally obedience beginners class where they WON their first competition with 98 points at Osby Bk on May 19, 2012.

Only a few weeks later on June 6, 2012 they were approved when they recieved 93 points with an 8:th place at Hörby Bk.

On August 4, 2012 Heidi and her Aska got their rally obedience title RLDN in beginners class. This took place at Söderåsens Bk where they also reached 97 points with a 4:th place totally and were moved up to continuation class !

On September 29, 2012 KORAD LPI RLDN Continental´s Amazingflame by Roxie and Heidi succeeded again in rally obedience. This time on their first try in Graduate Class were they reached a 3:rd place totally with 97 points at Sölvesborgs Bk.

On October 27, 2012 Heidi and her “ Aska “ got
97 points AGAIN
in rally obedience
 Graduate class.
This time at Söderåsens Bk
were they also reached a 2:ond place totally.
 Just Wonderful !!!

On December 9, 2012 Heidi and ” Aska ” achieved 97 points once again in rally obedience Graduate class. They also WON and received their new title RLDF at Hörby Bk !

Amazingflame by Roxie and her mistress Heidi Aregger were appointed BEST Belgian Shepherd ( ÅBB ) both in rally obedience beginners and graduate class 2012, by the Swedish Belgian Shepherd dog club AfBv. This is just so GREAT – Huge congratulations to Heidi & Rickard !

Heidi and " Aska
" did very well at Simrishamn Bk on June 21, 2009 by getting a 2:ond place totally in Agility class I and their first move up " pinne ". We are so proud of you !

On april 24, 2010 Heidi and " Aska got a move
up " pinne "
and a 6:th place totally out of 65 participants at Karlshamns HU
in Jump class I.

Theese girls are just speeding through the Agility and Jump classes,,,

On may 8, 2010 Heidi and "Aska" got  move up´s " pinnar " both in Agility class I with a 9:th place and Jump class I with a 2:ond place out of 70 participants totally at Lund Bk.

The following day may 9, 2010 Heidi and " Aska " competed at Höör Bk and got move ups " pinnar " again both in Agility class I and Jump class I. This time with 7:th and 5:th placements totally !

On may 22, 2010 The two skillful girls Heidi and Aska made their first race in Jump class II at Hässleholms Hu. They WON the whole competition and got a move up " pinne " !!!

At Råådalen Bk on june 5, 2010 Heidi and Aska got two more move ups " pinnar " in both Agility class II and Jump class II with 4:th and 2:ond placements totally.

At the homeclub agility championships in Hässleholm on June 13, 2010 Heidi and Aska got a second placement totally in the debutant class.

On July 3, 2010 Heidi and Aska got another “ move up “ in agility class II with a 1:st place ( out of 35 participants  ) at Karlskrona Bk.

Another agility class II race ( unofficial this time ) took place at Kristianstads Bk on August 4, 2010. Our very diligent and skilful agility couple Heidi and Aska were of course there and got a nice 3:rd place totally.

On August 8, 2010 Heidi and Aska got a 3:rd place again. This time at Sydöstra Skånes Bk in agility class II

At the homeclub agility championships in Hässleholm on August 22, Heidi and Aska also got a 3:rd place totally in the debutant class.

The last move up from jumpclass II took place at Eslöv Bk on September 19, 2010 were Heidi and Aska reached a 4:th place totally.

On april 25, 2011 Heidi and Aska got a 2:ond place at the homeclub agility championships at Hässleholm HU.

What an excellent team they are !!!
to both of you !!!

On may 28, 2011 Heidi and Amazingflame by Roxie got their last ” move up ” from agility class II at Åhus Bk with a 3:rd place totally.

Very very nice ! Many Congratulations !

On August 18, 2011 Heidi and Aska WON the whole Agility large summercup in Kristianstad. They competed against all
large dogs in all three classes four times
and reached a superior victory of 121 points
( second place had 108 points ! )

Heidi and Aska took part at the big agility competition ” Gåsahoppet ” on March 8, 2012 at Oxie Bk. Out of 96 take-offs Heidi and her skilful agility dog reached a 14:th placement in agility class III. They also got a “ SM-pinne “ for the Swedish championships in agility

Owned by Heidi Aregger



Continental's Nimrod son of Ian

Hips A/A, elbows free 0/0 and eyes clear 2011.

Susanne and Nimrod made their first rally obedience competition ever at Karlshamn dog festival on July 20, 2013 and they were approved with 80 p !
On August 3, 2013 at Söderåsens Bk, Susanne and Nimrod were approved again in rally obedience beginners class,
this time with 70 p. This was the hottest day in 2013 in Sweden with + 31 C at this competition.

Finally Susanne and her Nimrod got their last approval in beginners class, this time at Burlöv Bk on August 10,
were they achieved 73 p and their title RLDN !!!

Susanne and Nimrod went to the next level in a couple of weeks and on August 25, 2013 they competed graduate class and achieved 97 points with 6:th place totally.
On September 8, 2013 Susanne and Nimrod were approved again with 88 points and 11:th place in graduate class at Skurups Bk

Susanne and her wonderful Nimrod made 97 points and got a 1:st place in graduate class at Trelleborgs Bk on September 22, 2013. They also got their second title RLDF at this competition !

Finally Nimrod and his owner made another competiton in graduate class at Söderåsens Bk on October 26, 2013. They achieved 93 points and got a 3:rd place totally.

RLDN RLDF Continental´s Nimrod son of Ian and his owner Susanne were appointed 7:th best Belgian Shepherd 2013 (ÅBB) in rally obedience beginners class and 4:th best Belgian Shepherd 2013 in graduate class by the Swedish Belgian Shepherd dog club AfBv.

Susanne and Nimrod did their first competition in rally obedience advanced class at Karlshamns Bk on september 7, 2014.
They were approved with 75 points and a 4:th place totally.

On September 14, 2014 Susanne and Nimrod were approved again in advanced class. This time with 85 points and 6:th place totally in Höganäs.

At their last competition in advanced class on October 11, 2014, Susanne and her Nimrod got 74 points at Oxie Bk and the title RLDA. They were also moved up to the highest level in rally obedience – The Master class !

Very well done dear friends, we are so proud of all your achievements !
































Owner: S.Falk



Continental's Two Socks of Ian

Two Socks passed his MH-test on September 29, 2012 at Ljungby Bk and got no 5 on shooting.










































Owner: A & K. Edvinsson






Continental's Officer Sniffy of Ian

Officer Sniffy of Ian was shown at the special dog show on Ivön on May 1, 2008. The judge Mrs Sandra Smith from England awarded Officer Sniffy 4:th best youngster with special prize HP.
On May 11, Officer Sniffy was shown by his mistress Jenny at the SKK national dog show in Larv. Judge Gro Berg-Johansen from Norway awarded him with BEST YOUNGSTER and HP !
Beautiful work Jenny & " Rex ".

On June 7, 2008 Jenny showed her Officer Sniffy to judge John Muldoon from Ireland who placed them BEST OF BREED & CK at the SKK int. dog show in Vänersborg.

On June 28, 2008 Jenny went to the SKK nat. dog show in Borås where Officer Sniffy was awarded BEST YOUNGSTER with HP !

Karin & Officer Sniffy did excellent again by winning BEST OF BREED & CK at the SKK nat. dogshow in Tvååker on July 12, 2008. This time under judge Steve Hall from England.

Jenny presented her Officer Sniffy at the SKK international dogshow in Sofiero on September 14, 2008. They did excellent again by winning BEST YOUNGSTER with CK and totally 3:rd best male.

Officer Sniffy was awarded 7:th BEST SWEDISH TERVUEREN SHOW DOG in 2008 ( ÅBB ) by the Belgian Shepherd dog club ( AfBv ).
















Owner: Fam Andersson






Continental's Sandstorm of Ian

Hips B/B, elbows free 0/0 and eyes clear -08

Sandstorm of Ian passed his MH-test on september 20, 2008 at Tollarps Bk and got no: 1 on shooting.

Anna and her Sandstorm of Ian " Maxi " competed at the agility homeclub championships for beginners on may 2, 2010 at Hässleholms Hu. They got a 2:nd place totally. Many varm congratulations Anna and " Maxi ".

On June 13, 2010 Anna and her ” Maxi ” did another agility competition at the homeclub championships for beginners. This time they reached a 3:rd place totally.

On August 22, 2010 another 2:ond place totally was won by this very diligent agility couple Anna and Maxi. The agility homeclub championships competition took place at Hässleholms HU. 

On October 16, 2010 Anna and her capable Sandstorm of Ian “ Maxi “ were appointed THE BEST AGILITY DOG OF THE YEAR 2010 for beginners at their homeclub Hässleholms HU. This is SO GREAT !!! The warmest and proudest CONGRATULATIONS to these two talented agility newcomers !

In the fall of 2012 Anna and ” Maxi ” Sandstorm of Ian were appointed
THE BEST AGILITY DOG OF THE YEAR 2012 for debutants at their homeclub
Hässleholms HU.
Very nice work –  Lot´s of Congratulations, we are so proud of you

On April 2, 2011 Sandstorm coped the apitude
test in gametracking under judge Inger Cronholm-Larsson. Sandstorm made 42 points out of 42 possilble

On may 15, Anna and her skillful trackingnose Sandstorm of Ian got a 1:st prize in the open class gametracking with 37 points totally at Basset klubben Syd.

Anna Rosén and Continental´s Sandstorm of Ian did an excellent job by getting TWO move ups in a row again ! They competed on September 16, 2011 at Svenska Spaniel och Retriever klubben under judge Inger Cronholm-Larsson and they achieved a 1:st prize. On October 23, 2011 Anna and her Sandstorm received their last move up in the open class gametracking and qualifications equivalent to GAMETRACKING CHAMPION ! This time under judge Karl-Axel Larsson. Hats off to these two tracking stars who are real natural talents in the field ! Millions of proud CONGRATULATIONS to our dear friends !

Well done ! Congratulations to
the both of you !








































Owner: A. Rosén




Continental's Chew my Shoe of Ian









































Owner: A. Svensson & M. Johansson