SAGCH SAGHoppCH Face of Vision z Kovarny " Ess " and his
very skilful owner Annica Aller managed once again to stay on top.
This time they were appointed THE BEST SWEDISH AGILITY JUMP BELGIAN SHEPHERD ( ÅBB ) and SECOND BEST AGILITY BELGIAN SHEPHERD OF 2009. You are just outstanding dear friends, we are extremely proud of your exploits.

On June 20, 2010 Annica and Ess won the Bronze medal with their team No Limit at the Swedish Agility Championships in Karlstad. Wonderful Annica and Ess, we are so VERY PROUD of you both !

A brand new year of competitions has started and Heidi Aregger has done very well with her LPI Continental´s Amazingflame
by Roxie already...Keep on the good work girls you are so capable !

24/4 Jump class I at Karlshamns HU, 6:th place and a move up " pinne " ( 65 part. )

8/5 Jump class I at Lund Bk, 9:th place and a move up " pinne " ( 70 part. )
8/5 Agility class I at Lund Bk, 2:ond place and a move up " pinne " ( 70 part. )
9/5 Jump class I at Höör Bk, 7:th place and a move up " pinne ".
9/5 Agility class I at Höör Bk, 5:th place and a move up " pinne ".
22/5 Jump class II at Hässleholms HU, 1:st place and a move up " pinne " ( 33 part. )
30/5 Agility class II at Söderåsens Bk, 5:th place.

5/6 Agility class II at Råådalen Bk, 4:th place and move up " pinne ".
5/6 Jump class II at Råådalen Bk, 2:ond place and move up " pinne ".
5/6 Jump class II at Råådalen Bk, 8:th place.

3/7 Agility class II in Karlskrona Bk, 1:st place and move up ” pinne ” ( 35 part. )

8/8 Agility class II in Sydöstra Skånes Bk, 3:rd place.

19/9 Jumpclass II at Eslövs Bk, 4:th place and move up “ pinne “.

 Continental´s Sandstorm of Ian and Anna Rosén
got a second place totally at the Hässleholms Hu homeclub championships
for begginers in Agility on may 2.  

On June 13, 2010 Anna and her ” Maxi ” did another agility
competition at the homeclub championships for beginners.
 This time they reached a 3:rd place totally.

On August 22, 2010 another 2:ond place totally was won by this very diligent agility couple Anna and Maxi. The agility homeclub championships competition took place at Hässleholms HU.

On October 16, 2010 Anna and her capable Sandstorm of Ian “ Maxi “ were appointed THE BEST AGILITY DOG OF THE YEAR 2010 for beginners at their homeclub Hässleholms HU.

Many Congratulations ! Very good fighting spirit,
keep up the nice work there...

Continental´s Rebel by Maniac has competed very thriftly this
season but still he was appointed THIRD BEST AGILITY DOG OF THE YEAR 2010 for Debutants at our homeclub Hässleholms HU !
We are so pleased with our spirited veteran who still loves to race…



 Continental´s Raindrops from Roxie was shown at the big International dog show in Herning, Denmark on November 7, 2009 by her owner Erik Breukelman. The swedish judge Karl-Erik Johansson gave her CACIB and 2:ond best place with Exc. Very, very nice...The warmest Congratulations to Kit and Erik to this excellent result !

 KORAD LPI Continental´s Softail and her mistress Katarina Sandén entered the veteran class on the Swedish specialty on Ivö:n May 13.
 The judge Mr Keith Baldwin from England gave the two beautiful ladies
2:ond best veteran bitch with ( HP ) special prize.
How wonderful of you to come, many proud Congratulations
to both of you



The winner of the traditional Belgarspelen at the swedish breed specialty on Ivö:n this year were KORAD LP I Continental´s Softail
and Katarina Sandén !

This is just GREAT ! Wonderful job girls and the warmest CONGRATULATIONS !!!

Continental´s Mystery of Life and her diligent mistress Annelie Edkvist-Tejbrant competed obedience class I at Vällingby Bk on
August 26, 2010 at achieved a move up with 164 points and a 4:th place totally.
The warmest CONGRATULATIONS to this fine result !

November 11, 2010 Kit and her Continental´s Raindrops from Roxie ” Guiness ” achieved a 2:ond place totally at the homeclub
championships in rally obedience. They reached 92 points out of 100.
Lot´s of warm CONGRATULATIONS to our Danish girls !





KORAD LPI Continental´s Amazingflame by Roxie“ Aska “ passed the Swedish mental test ( KORNING ) with extremely
high points ( 509 points ) at Lomma Bk on September 5, 2010.