KORAD LPI Amazingflame by Roxie and Heidi
 did a marvellous job by WINNING the whole Agility large summercup
in Kristianstad
on August 18, 2011.
They competed against all large dogs in all three classes and reached a
total sum of 121 points
. ( Second best equipage had 108 points ).
We are so VERY proud of you !
Many, many CONGRATULATIONS to this wonderful result !

 Here are their individual races:

 14/7 Agility summercup Kristianstad, 7:th place ( 30 part. )
21/7 Agility summercup Kristianstad, 6:th place ( 39 part. )
11/8 Agility summercup Kristianstad, 3:rd place ( 24 part. )
18/8 Agility summercup Kristianstad, 5:th place ( 21 part. )

KORAD LPI Amazingflame by Roxie and her very diligent mistress Heidi
 got their last move up from agility class II at Åhus Bk om May 28, 2011.
Totally they reached a 3:rd place.
The warmest Congratulations to this very nice result and
lots of GOOD LUCK in agility+jumpclass III !

KORAD LPI Amazingflame by Roxie and her skilful mistress Heidi Aregger got a second place at the homeclub championships in agility + jumpclass at Hässleholm HU on april 25, 2011. Many proud CONGRATULATIONS !

Continental´s Rebel by Maniac and his owner won the homeclub championships in agility for debutants at the homeclub Hässleholms HU
on april 25, 2011.

Our norwegian import Habile Aroxie av Revehiet “ Roxie “ also mother of our Famous Dog- litter, recieved a 3:rd place totally out of 27 with her dog handler Sanna, at the agility homeclub championship for beginners. This event took place at Vimmerby Bk on June 6, 2011. Very very nice ! Many Congratulations and lot´s of GOOD LUCK to you as well with the next upcoming competitions !



 Rally obedience results

Continental´s Rebel by Maniac
and his mistress competed in rally obedience for beginners at Osby Bk on september 24, 2011. They got a second place totally with 93 points out of 100.

On October 2, 2011 Rebel by Maniac and his owner WON the whole rally obedience competition for beginners at Lund Bk with a total score of 100 points !!!

On November 13, 2011 Rebel by Maniac got his title RLDN at Söderåsens Bk and was moved up to continuation class with 84 points !

We are VERY HAPPY about this wonderful result !







Our VERY skillful gametracking team Anna Rosén and
Continental´s Sandstorm of Ian
did an excellent job by getting TWO move ups in a row again ! This time  they competed on
September 16, 2011 at Svenska Spaniel och Retriever klubben under judge Inger Cronholm-Larsson and they achieved a 1:st prize. On October 23, 2011 Anna and her Sandstorm received their last move up in the open class gametracking and qualifications equivalent to gametracking Champion ! This time under judge Karl-Axel Larsson.
Hats off to these two tracking stars who are real natural talents in the field ! Millions of proud CONGRATULATIONS to you !

Continental´s Sandstorm of Ian and his capable mistress Anna got
a 1:st prize in the ” open class ” in gametracking at Bassetklubben Syd in Rättelöv on may 15, 2011. Judge Inger Cronholm Larsson gave them
 37 points totally !

The proudest Congratulations Anna & Maxi ! Keep on the excellent work!

Continental´s Sandstorm of Ian and his mistress Anna Rosén passed the aptitude test in gametracking on April 2, 2011 in Rättelöv. Judge Inger Cronholm-Larsson gave Sandstorm 42 points out of 42 possible for his excellent work.
to Anna and her very capable Sandstorm



  Queen of Continental z Kovarny passed her MH-test on
July 23, 2011 at Revingehed ( mentalveckan ) and got no: 2 on shooting.