We live on a big farm in Skåne, which is located in the southern part of Sweden. Besides our dogs, we also keep three horses, some fish, a crazy bird and a lots of cats. You will soon meet them all among our photos.

Our kennel started back in 1986 when the first Tervueren litter was born. We only breed a litter now and then, that way we can keep high quality dogs. We currently have three Tervueren who spend their days and nights living, working and playing with us. None of our dogs are kept  outside in so called "kennels" they are all members of our family.

We give our adult dogs as well as our youngest lots of love and various training. For example when our puppies are between 5-9 weeks old we give them gunshot training while they eat, play or otherwise are activated. This method has proved to be very successful and useful to future working activities.

Our goal is to produce healthy dogs with stable temperaments and with the typical looks of a Belgian shepherd. Naturally we want our dogs to become nice all round working partners that fit in all sorts of dog sports.

Enjoy our site and feel free to contact us if you wish!



To all the loyal and helpful people that have supported us and our breeding since we started. Without  you all this wouldn´t have been possible !

Thank you so much Kerstin for creating this wonderful  webb site. You have done a great job !