How it all started...

Once upon a time there was a little girl that dreamed of having a dog of her own. She could not have one at home, so she played and cuddled with the neighbour´s dog and every other dog that came across her path..

The little girl grew up and by the time she had aged eighteen, she decided to fulfill her childhood dreams. The young girl drove to a kennel where they sold German shepherd puppies and there she fell in love with a little male whom she named Caesar.

Caesar and the young girl, Peggy, did all kinds of fun “ doggy things“ together. They went to shows, obedience and working competitions and had long wonderful walks in the forest. Yes, they did everything nice you could possibly do with your best friend – your dog !

One day at the working club, Peggy saw a longhaired dog that was very beautiful. It looked like a longhaired German shepherd. She asked the owner of this dog what breed it was and got the reply – a Tervueren !
- A Tervueren !
She had never heard of that kind…

Well, time went by and one day Peggy saw an advert in a dog magazine where they sold Tervueren puppies at Kennel Mahagonny.
The owners of this kennel seemed very nice as she spoke with them on the phone, so she decided to go and visit them and to take a look at their Tervueren puppies.

This trip to the Mahagonny´s in 1983 was the beginning of a whole new lifestyle and the start of our breeding at kennel Continental.

From here on we will guide you on through photos of our beloved dogs from the past.
Some of them are still with us but some have gone to dog heaven and become beautiful little angels.


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Mahagonny's Veloutee


Foxtail's Mon Cherie


Zarna Crosses the Sea and Continental´s Freak



Continental´s Ironmaiden

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Continental´s Jump for Joy


Continental´s Celtic Frost




Korad Continental's Cikoria


Continental's Silver Dollar

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