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This eagerly awaited homepage was
inaugurated on February 19, 2003.


Please click HERE to look att the pictures.


Please click HERE to look att the pictures.


Welcome  to take a look at the pictures from our lovely Sports Car litter with their
 beautiful daddy “ Ville “ at the puppy meeting
2012-07-14 in Åhus. Enter HERE please !


Carl-Otto Toft ( phone: 070-9164824 ) is looking for someone who would like to
mate their  Tervueren bitch to his Continental´s Savage " Terry ". The reason is
that Carl-Otto would like to keep an offspring from " Terry " himself. If you are
interested please contact Carl-Otto for more information. You will also find
more information on our page under MC-part I litter.



A little family meeting/ trainingday 2008-10-31 with Anna and Continental´s Sandstorm of
Ian & KORAD Continental´s Cikoria age 13,5 years, Susanne with Continental´s Nimrod
son of Ian & Queen of Continental z Kovárny, Heidi with Amazingflame by Roxie and Annica
with Face of Vision z Kovárny & Multi CH Continental´s Ace of Clubs and little Tease.



Nice summerpictures from our friends at
the famous dog litter meeting in Åhus 2008-07-27.
Welcome to enter here !



A lovely sunny day at the dogshow in Åstorp 2007-11-24
presenting from the left our Continental dogs with owners ;
Officer Sniffy of Ian,Two Socks of Ian, grandmother
KORAD Continental´s Cikoria and Sandstrorm of Ian.



Little puppy meeting with Amazing flame by Roxie, Nimrod son of Ian,
Sandstorm of Ian at Hörby Bk on September 29 with daddy
Multi CH. Continental´s Ace of Clubs " Ian ".


The little family of our Continental´s Rebel by Maniac
pictureing at Kennel Quizzical´s great day in Lund on September 22, 2007
when winning BEST IN SHOW and BEST IN SHOW-3 Breeders groups.
For more info please visit kennel Quizzical´s page


Sofiero international dogshow 2006-09-10,
judge: Bela Siklosi, Hungary.

To the left in front of picture, Anne Fallesen-Sandberg
and KORAD Continental´s Cikoria winning BEST IN OPPOSITE SEX
and BEST VETERAN at the age of 11,5 years !
The third bitch is Cikorias grand-daughter
SUCH SV-03 TJH SAGCH Holmåsas Glimma Galadriel
winning the res-CACIB.


( from the left; Pennies from Heaven and Mikael Hofgren,
Thunderrace by Maniac and Ace of Clubs with Annica Aller
and to the right Meg with Helene Johansson ).
Thunderrace by Maniac
& Annica Aller.
  Thunderrace by Maniac
Ace of Clubs and Annica Aller
Pennies from Heaven
and Mikael Hofgren
Ace of Clubs and Annica Aller
Thunderrace by Maniac
& Annica Alle
Pennies from Heaven
Ace of Clubs Thunderrace by Maniac
& Annica Aller.
Pennies from Heaven and Mikael Hofgren
Many warm thanks to Caroline Appelfeldt and Claus Fransson
for letting us use all your nice action pictures !


Gold medallist individual and team, Ace of Clubs   Ace of Clubs
Ace of Clubs   Ace of Clubs
Gold medallist team,Thunderrace by Maniac   Pennies from Heaven

Many BIG Thanks to Caroline Appelfeldt for all great pictures !



To take a look at the pictures from our Agility camp on 
August 1-2, 2005 in Ljungby.

Please click HERE to enter !
Special guests and judges this year were;
Annica Aller and her " golden boys " Ian and Race and also
Anne Sandberg-Fallesen, kennel Dark´n Smart.



Our Agility summercamp 2004 took place at Åhus BK on July 26-27.
Invited were MC-litters part I & II and also our youngest Sea-puppies

Special guests were : Annica Aller with her super agility & obedience dogs Ernie, Ian and Race...

Please click HERE to view our pictures !


Bornholm Denmark 2003-07-06

A toast to our new Danish champion Rex !!!

   Happy owner & breeder of Rex !


Ballerup/ Denmark 2003-09-21

A happy Continental team celebrating the harvest
of the day in rain and thunder...


Softail was awarded
3:rd best bitch with
champion quality ( CK ) !

Two cute girls !



Stines working summer camp

A summer camp for our youngest dogs, MC-litters part I & II, was arranged by
Stine Sahlvall on June 7-8.



The following dogs from the MC-litter part I have coped their MH-test;

LPI LPII Continental´s Intruder
Continental´s Savage
Continental´s Softail
Continental´s Wild Star
Continental´s Monster
Continental's Bandit

Many Congratulations to their owners !




If you haven´t ordered this wonderful book yet - We would really like to recommend it to you !
A complete book in Swedish about Belgian shepherds published by the editor Anne Sandberg Fallesen and the publishing house Canis.

Please klick on attached link to order: www.canis.se
It is very tasty !